Scott Instruments Scott Instruments -
Fixed and Portable Toxic & Combustible Gas Detectors, Flame Detection, Controllers, Receivers and Systems.
ThermoFisher Scientific ThermoFisher Scientific -

VG Gas - Mass Spectrometers - Process & Benchtop.
Houston Atlas - H2S, Sola (Sulfur On Line Analyzer) & Total Sulfur Analyzers.
Fluid Data - Calorimeters, Py-Gas Sample Conditioners.
AquaSensors - pH, ORP, Conductivity, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Free Chlorine, Fluoride, Turbidity & Suspended Solids, Probes & Analyzers.
Zeeco Inc. Zeeco Inc. -
Vapor Combustors   Burners   Flares   Incinerators   Combustion Systems
Fluid Components International L.L.C. Fluid Components International -
Thermal Dispersion Flow, Level, Temperature Switches, Mass Flow Meters, & Vortab Flow Conditioners.
Lightning Eliminators and Consultants, Inc. Lightning Eliminators and Consultants, Inc. -
Low Impedance Retractable Grounding Systems for Floating Roof Tanks, Dissipation Array Systems and Ultra-low Resistance Grounding Electrodes.
Fluid Engineering Fluid Engineering -
Separators, Receivers, Surge Vessels, Fabricated Strainers (Auto Self-Cleaning, Duplex, Simplex,Y,Tee & Cone) & Filters (Coalescing Gas ,Three Stage Fuel & Oil).
Horiba Horiba -
CEMS-Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems & Process Gas Analyzers, Data Acquisition Systems, Sample Conditioning Systems, Shelters & Portable Analyzers.
Texas Sampling Inc. Texas Sampling Inc. -
Closed Loop Sampling Systems - Manual, Continuous, Fixed Volume, LPG, PLC Automated, Drager, Gasoline Blending, Flare and Custom.
Perma Pure/Baldwin Enviromental Perma Pure/Baldwin Enviromental -
Gas Sample Conditioning Systems, Dryers, Filters, Probes, Scrubbers, & Coalescers, Thermoelectric Coolers, Flow Control Drawers and Heated Sample Lines.
Circor Tech Circor Tech -
Modular sample conditioning systems and components.